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I'm a transracial adoptive parent. That means I've seen the looks when my (white) daughter runs to me (a black man) joyously shouting "Daddy".

It's okay my family doesn't look alike because the truth is- many families do not!
Adoption is a beautiful redemptive love and creates incredible family legacies.

The path to parenthood was mostly unexpected.
I always wanted a little girl and thanks to a long (expensive) journey bathed in a LOT of prayer, I'm living the dream as a girl dad.

My little girl is artistic, and vivacious; I wouldn't trade these days of tea parties with my adoring daughter and her Spiderman doll for anything.

As a leader and teacher and man of God, I'm often called the office dad or the group dad or a church dad. It's an honored compliment and title I embrace. A little voice calls out for daddy what seems like one-hundred times a day. It's a name that makes my heart smile.

In a world of e-commerce and e-mail, welcome to e-dad.
I'm an electronic dad. The digital version of a confidant, a problem solver, a leader...

Dad's are essential.

I'm the online version ready to help. Whether it's offering guidance, a virtual shoulder to lean on, or a good old fashioned teaching moment-
welcome to a space where all that exists and more.

I'm a veteran. I've held all kinds of leadership roles during my Army days and in my professional career.

I'm a student. I love to learn (shout out to my community college days) especially in collaborative group settings. Meeting people and hearing their stories has enabled me to help all kinds of people from all walks of life navigate issues.

I have a heart to help people heal and to help them discover their passions. I love teaching. I'm a minister. Early in my walk with Jesus I preached at a church in upstate New York. I love the Word of God and sharing His message with others. God and I are always talking; our relationship is authentic and it gets raw sometimes. But He's gifted me with discernment and eyes for His people.

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